Help Decriminalize Sex Work in Oregon

The quick and dirty details: 


HB3088 is a pending bill repealing crimes of prostitution, commercial sexual solicitation and promoting prostitution. We believe that those in our state who are directly impacted and endangered by the current status and definitions of "prostitution" have a right to speak directly to legislators and testify at a hearing. Regardless of personal viewpoints on sex work, the judiciary committee represents the people and the people need to be given opportunity to testify. The citizens of Oregon are asking the committee to break the pattern of systemic oppression towards those directly involved with sex work. 

This bill is currently sitting in the Oregon House Judiciary Committee with a deadline of March 19th, 2021 for the members to move it to a hearing. We are asking our legislators to take action by the deadline and not allow this bill to die in committee.

Link for HB3088.

Recent Willamette Week Article on HB3088.

How you can help: 

Quickie -- Sign and share our petition. 

Afternoon Delight -- Send an email to the members of the House Committee On Judiciary. Feel free to use the following as a template and add your personal connection and voice to the letter.

** It's important to email each member individually and not in a group email.**

Dear Representative ________,

I am writing today to strongly encourage you to take action in favor of a hearing for HB3088 before the March 19th deadline.

Sex workers are historically marginalized, regularly represented in culture as negatively portrayed stereotypes, and, most importantly, rarely if ever given opportunities to speak their own truths inside the legislative process on matters that they clearly have the most knowledge to share.


The sex industry in many forms is alive and well in Oregon and there is opportunity on many levels for you to learn, rather than ignore or avoid, what HB3088 is advocating by letting it proceed with a hearing. As a citizen of Oregon I am asking you to break this pattern of systemic oppression and give those directly impacted by the current status of sex work in the state opportunity to testify at a hearing.


Regardless of your personal viewpoints on sex work, the judiciary committee represents the people and the people need to be given opportunity to testify.

Thank you, 

Your Name Here

Emails for the Members of the House Committee on Judiciary




Thank you for taking the time to support and give additional voices to the long overdue need to decriminalize sex work in the state of Oregon and also the world.

Sex work is real work and advocacy is an act of love.

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