Sexual Shame, the Church, and Changing the Narrative of Virginity or, alternately: Let’s Pop All th

I grew up in the church. I loved Jesus. I wanted to be good. I wanted to make my family proud. And mostly I didn’t want to disappoint God. What I was told, and took to heart, when I was young was that my virginity was something that I needed to hold close. If I lost it or gave it away to anyone other than my husband -- I would be tarnished. Broken. In need of repair. Sexual urges needed to be repressed and ignored. Girls who had sex before marriage were wayward, immoral, asking to get pregnant, making bad choices. I wanted so badly to be one of those girls. And at the same time, I wanted so badly to be good. So I was “good” for a really long time. * * * * * I really figured out masturbation

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