Meet Jess DeVries

What I Know to Be True

I want you to feel connected to

your body.

I want you to feel powerful.

I want you to have as much or as little of whatever kind(s) of sex that your heart desires.

I hold safe space.

I am warm and fierce and kind.

I am a secret keeper.

I am a sacred sexual healer.

I am a Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach trained in the Somatica® Method. I partner with individuals interested in deepening their level of connection in intimate relationships, expanding their erotic know-how and having a greater understanding of their body, their needs, and their desires.

Most of my formative years were spent as a devout member of the Christian church. When I left the church, I moved “home” to Portland and began exploring what life could be like with my own moral compass. Since I had abstained from sex for so long, I chose partners who could help me explore the varied ways that people are sexual. I didn’t know anything and so I wanted to learn everything.

Through this process, I began to heal my relationship to my body and gradually define,for myself, what I wanted from sexual and romantic relationships.

My power was coming back. 

At times, learning about my body, my boundaries, my needs, and my desires on my own was so, so lonely. I asked myself countless questions: “Am I normal? Can I ask for that? How do I deal with these feelings of grief and self denial and rage?” My explorations were guided by a combination of books and the still, small voice inside.


I am fiercely independent and have difficulty relying on others, and yet my heart deeply yearned for connection during this process. How much richer could it have been with someone to support and love me through the arousing discoveries, the stand-offs with shame, and taking steps toward accepting my whole self?

Searching for the answer to this question is why I trained at the Somatica® Institute. I found community with people who, in all their beautiful imperfection, were committed to building vulnerable relationships with one another and to bring that healing connection to our clients.


In my gratitude, I am reminded each and every day: We do not have to go it alone. 


I would be honored to work with you.