Coming Home to Pleasure 

Queer bodies were made to experience and share pleasure.


Depending on what our familial or cultural story about pleasure is, we cut ourselves off from the fullness of our experience in a variety of ways. Regardless of our story, pleasure is a central part of our human experience.


Pleasure builds pathways into our emotional body and allows us to access our full range of feelings, sensations, and humanity.


Especially now, in the midst of everything we are collectively experiencing, turning toward and befriending our pleasure is even more vital. Pleasure can sustain us, provide joy and solace, help us process our grief, and is the creative force that helps us dream into the world we deserve to live in.


It is sensual, yes. It can be erotic, yes. It is necessary. Yes yes yes.


Pleasure is a resource. Pleasure is a revolution.

The Details:


This 90 minute virtual workshop centers our embodied pleasure where we will look at the stories we were taught and dream the stories we want for ourselves. We will slow down, connect to our breath, spend time connecting to our bodies, using our senses to fully sink into an embodied experience, and, if desired, connect all of these things to our erotic beings.

The entire workshop will be clothed and during the embodied practices, video will be off for all participants to allow for safe exploration.


** This workshop is for queer/LGBTQIA+ identified folks adults only. **


What to Expect:

  • Beginning explorations and naming of our pleasure lineages.

  • Connecting safety, consent, and resourcing to how we experience pleasure.

  • Embodied exercises that utilize breath and sensation to connect us to our pleasure.

  • The option of including erotic energy in our pleasure explorations.

  • Time to verbally share and celebrate the ways we experience our pleasure.

  • Workbook to guide further explorations.

Date: Thursday, February 11th
Time: 5:00-6:30pm PST
Where: Zoom Link with Live Captioning
Cost: Sliding Scale, $15-$30

To utilize the sliding scale, use the following guide for what to enter in the Discount Code field.

To pay $25 enter $25.
To pay $20 enter $20.
To pay $15 enter $15.

** If the cost is prohibitive, please email to discuss options.


As a part of my personal and business commitment to reparations, 30% of profits will be given to the Equitable Giving Circle and Haymarket Pole Collective.

Thursday, February 11th *5:00pm - 6:30pm PST
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