Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Your erotic self deserves being met with tender attention and a curious heart. Our sessions together strengthen your connection to yourself by helping you facilitate a greater awareness of your own body, building secure attachment, and exploring your erotic energy.


From this foundation, we can address your goals: from cultivating passion to enhancing communication skills, to finding out what really turns you on - and how to ask your partner(s) for it!  

I bring my authentic experience, feelings, and vulnerability to each visit. Your privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to me.

Somatica® Coaching is...

So many of us live our lives in our heads, where logic and rationality reside. Our bodies hold significant wisdom, playfulness, and healing if we can tap into that knowledge. Everyone comes with a different level of body awareness; by exploring our breath, emotions and erotic energy we can find ways to be more connected to our bodies.



Self help books and therapy can only get us so far. Practicing skills of intimacy, both emotional and erotic, enhances our learning and makes it easier to transfer those skills into other relationships outside the coaching sessions.


The core of intimacy is showing up as our full selves - with ALL our desires, insecurities, and feelings. The connection between  you and me, as client and coach, is a real relationship. It is vital to our work that we both show up as ourselves, as we are in that moment.

You can learn more about the Somatica® Method here.

Religious Recovery

I specialize in working with folks who grew up in the Christian church and are seeking to undo early religious messaging around sex and sexuality.

While not a comprehensive list, the following are areas I can help you explore:

  • Learning more about your personal turn-ons, why they turn you on, and how to incorporate them into your sex life regularly.

  • Boundaries: how to notice your own, how to hold them, and how to honor the boundaries of others.

  • Asking for what you want.

  • Healing early emotional wounds through inner child work.

  • Different types of touch, and how to touch your partner(s) in ways that are pleasing to both of you.

  • Exploring romance, passion, and/or dominance in your relationship(s).

  • Struggles in your relationship with your partner(s), or with sex in general, and how to address those issues.

  • Insecure attachment and building more secure attachment.