Why I Want to Talk About Sex with You

I am a Somatic Sex and Intimacy Coach because I want each and every person to be able uncover, voice, and celebrate their sexuality.

The honest truth: I love talking about sex and pleasure. I believe that exploring our relationship to sex and pleasure is key to being our full selves. Our culture doesn’t often teach us the words, or give us the space, to talk about sexuality in ways that are beneficial and I want our world to be different.

The more honest truth: I love talking about sex and pleasure AND for me, it is still vulnerable, at times difficult and even scary. And that it is why talking about it is vital, healing, and revolutionary.

I am a coach because sex is about more than positions, techniques, and orgasms.

It is about connection to our bodies, our emotions, and our desires.

It is about how we share those things in relationship with others.

It is about learning and honoring our boundaries.

It is about encountering and allowing our feelings.

It is about expressing our desires and finding ways to get them fulfilled.

It is about experimenting and failing and disappointment and laughter.

It is about connection and eroticism and feeling good.

It is about all of this and more.

As a coach, I am committed to walking with you through your process… the dirty, the discouraging, the delightful.

All of it is valid and all of it is welcome.

I’d love to help you get more of what you desire.

xo Jess

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