Let Me Tell You a Secret

I’m going to tell you a secret.

You may already know it.

It may feel like a memory you can’t quite remember.

Your body loves you and protects you and wants to bring you joy and pleasure. Your body holds you. It knows how to heal. It is whispering for you to remember.

Can you hear it?

“I love you. I want you to feel good in your skin. I am keeping you safe. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, I am keeping you safe. And my love, when you are ready, we can talk about your erotic energy. We can talk about how it is your power, how it is good, how it is holy.”

Erotic energy. The current when you catch eyes, brush hands, touch lips. The swelling warmth as you feel the sun on your skin or have a creative spark come to fruition. The melting as you are held, seen, entered.

That current can break us open and when we can welcome it, and surrender to it, it is one of the deepest ways we can heal.

If we meet that energy and ask it to work on our behalf, in partnership with our heart, we can coax stuck emotions out of our bodies. If we give tender attention to our genitals and allow them to begin to conduct the fullness of that energy, we can break open calcified places inside ourselves.

So often we close ourselves off from our erotic energy; from our bodies in general and our genitals in particular. Either through trauma or socialization or peer pressure or religion. We are pulled apart - our mind, our body, our spirit. There is a split. The sacred. And the profane.

But the truth is they are the same thing.

The sacred IS the profane.

The same current. The same spirit. And part of being human in these bodies, in a culture that tries to destroy them, is bringing the sacred and profane back together. We can reunite them. Recommit our body and our spirit into the illicit love affair they haven’t been able to share with our hearts - let alone the world.

Sometimes this reunion looks like grief. Sometimes it looks like rage. And then there is sadness and pleasure and ecstasy. The wondrous thing is that, through it all, our bodies are there with us.




Our bodies never leave.

They are our most consistent relationship. Our first love; the vessel with which we encounter the world.

So that is the secret - our bodies, these vessels, our way to experience the holy erotic energy that is one of the miracles of being human… want us to be connected, to be whole, to feel as expansive and radiant and pleasure filled as we can be. Our bodies are ready for us to remember that all of our feelings are worth feeling and attending to. And that by attending to them, we feed the erotic current that is our birthright.

Our bodies are patient - they know that being human is not always the easiest thing - that the world is not always kind to the fullness of our radiance and power.

And the truth - the deep in your sex truth - is that the world is oh-so-ready for your radiance and your power. The world needs it. And more importantly, so do you.

It is your divine right.

And whenever you are ready -- your body will take your hand and whisper, “yes.”

#BodyLove #sexuality #Wholeness #EroticEnergy

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