Religious Recovery

We all receive messages and cultural conditioning about what is appropriate to do, to desire, or to be sexually. For those of us who grew up in the church, the messages are usually more extreme and saturated with a thick layer of guilt and shame.

Sex is for procreating, within a monogamous marriage, between a man and a woman… anything outside of that picture is at the very least weird, and at the worst, an abomination or against the will of God.    


Even long after we leave religion behind, our mind and body can still feel the effects of that conditioning. Our heads and hearts can flash the green light during romantic encounters and our body won’t cooperate because of our years spent denying or hiding our sexual selves.  


In matters of the heart, we get to honor and define our gender expression, sexual orientation, and sexual preferences as our own - because we are good and whole just as we are. Beyond that, we deserve to enjoy every amazing expression of our pleasure.

No matter what you have been told, remember this: 

You are normal.   

There is nothing wrong with your process.

Your desires are beautiful.

You are not alone.

Breath heals - Touch heals - Pleasure heals - Orgasm heals


When you tap more fully into your own erotic desires and explore your pleasure healing will occur. That which the church says is dirty, unnatural, or unholy can be transformed into your greatest power. This process can bring up many conflicting feelings, from elation and disappointment to arousal and anger. I will sit with you as you process grief, release shame, and take steps toward reclaiming your sexuality as your own.

Through embodied listening, breathwork, and connective touch based exercises, we will explore what what avenues of healing are best for your current needs and goals.  

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