Smiling person holding another person on a couch

It's one thing to be likable, to draw people in, to make them feel welcome and comforted. It's another to shepherd someone through a difficult emotional journey with skill and love. Jess has a rare talent for all of the above. She and I had a session scheduled for a day when -- as luck would have it -- I was feeling incredibly balanced, nothing was amiss, and I didn't have any particular goals for self-discovery. And yet, somehow, with her expert guidance during that session, I was able to tap into something very old, very deep from my formative years, and I learned a great deal about some of the fundamental building blocks of my sexual nature. That knowledge has helped me immeasurably since then. I'm very grateful to Jess for her loving guidance, and for the fact that she is providing this incredibly valuable service to the world. 

James T. -- San Francisco, CA

Everything I learned about being in relationship and healthy communication with another human being I learned from Jess. She has inspired my ability to relate to others, be present, take care of myself, and ask for what I need by her example and through her encouragement. Without judgement, she inquires, excavates, and holds space for processing. She allowed me to discover what I want for myself and how to care for myself. She has a gift to bring spirit into bodily form and reverence into sexuality. 

M.H. -- Denver, CO

Thank you a million times for your gift and the kindness you've shown me. In a place and time in my life where no one was able to help me, you were able to. I will forever be grateful for the love, time, energy, and consideration you've given me. 

Gabriel McCurdy -- Charlotte, NC